3 Best Katy Perry Dating Tips

katy dating

Katy Perry has been known to date around but how does she deal with dating woes? Katy recently opened up and told her fans what it takes to date her. Her perfect date is not an over the top date with all the frills but rather a down to earth date that is simple and meaningful. Like most women, Katy values personal connections over thrills, and she says that she likes conversations, jokes, and relationships on a personal level. Katy also says that it doesn’t take a great deal to impress her.

Keeping it Low Key

Katy said that her ideal date would be one with excellent food, a good movie, and some great time together. Katy also says that she loves documentaries and educational films. Though one would think that Katy Perry, a high profile pop star would love the high life and would love tons of frills, she really is just a down to earth girl that loves the basics in life.

Hiking and Being Outdoors

Along with quiet time and a relaxing date that focuses on the person she is dating, Katy also says that she loves hiking and being outdoors. Wonder if that’s how John Mayer wooed her? Katy says that she loves to hike, and she loves nature and loves to be outside, which is fitting since she does live in California. Though it may be difficult to believe, Katy is a low profile girl that loves the simple things in life and loves a date that sees that.

Says What She Wants

Though it may seem like all it would take to get Katy on a date is a down to earth guy that has his stuff together, there is more to this sultry singer than meets the eye. Katy has dated a string of guys that all seem more different than the last. Katy certainly has a type however as her last few beaus have been singers that are a bit controversial. Katy is currently on tour, so there is surely little time for dating, but it is a sure thing that Katy knows what she wants and knows how to get it. Katy is a pop star that is just the opposite of what you might expect. Her tastes are particular, but she is not hard to please. And do you know where Katy learn all about this? Well, one said that was a small site called Cupidmentor.com where our girl found all the tips she wanted. Discover more here.

Katy deals with dating as many women today do. She knows what she wants, and she knows how to get it. Rather than sitting around hoping that a man is going to fit her ideal standards, she says what she wants and goes for it. Katy is straightforward, and this has certainly helped her to find a few of her boyfriends. Through the years, Katy has matured as far as her dating tastes are concerned, and she is now more sure of what she wants than ever before. Knowing what you want, being able to go out and find it, and knowing what is going to work for you is certainly a wonderful way to find a dream date.

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